The Fat Greek - Yucaipa, CA
The Fat Greek - Yucaipa, CA
The Fat Greek - Yucaipa, CA
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The Fat Greek - Yucaipa, CA
Gyro Meat, Onion, Tomatoes,
Eggs, Gyro Meat, Onions, Tomatoes,
Feta Cheese, Potataos, Bell Pepers
Calamari Pita
Seasonal Veggies, Tomatos, onions, Feta
Tzatziki, Onions, Tomato, Avocado, Fries Inside
Traditional Gyro "YEE-RO"
Make Your Sandwich / Hamburger / Burrito a COMBO for $3.99
Includes choice of fries, Greek salad, rice, zucchini or onion rings and soft drink.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: DINNERS 10% OFF, weekdays from 2-5 PM

PHONE (909) 797-6018 ORDERS Always Welcome

Don't Forget About Our DRIVE-THRU.....
Philly Style
Grilled Onions, Bell Peppers, Melted Cheese
                    Cucumber, onions
Tomatos , Hummus,
Lettuce, Tzatziki, Tabuoli
Famous Fat Greek Burger
Ciabatta Bread, Swiss Cheese
Onions, Tomatoes, Tzatziki
Quarter Pound Burger
Sesame Seed Bun, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Pickles, & Homemade 1000
Pastrami Sandwich
French Roll, Pickles & Mustard
Add Cheese for $.50  /  Add Avocado or Bacon for $1.75
Add Pastrami OR Gyro Meat for $3.50  /  Extra patty for $1.75
Steak Sandwich
Gyro Meat, Onion, Tomatoes, Tzatziki
Fat Greek Breakfast Burrito
Breakfast Burrito
Gyro Burrito
Gyro Meat, Onion, Tomatoes, Fata Cheese, Tzatziki
Chicken Breast Sandwich
BBQ Pita
Tzatziki, Onions, Tomatoes
Tzatziki, Onions, Tomatoes, Tartar Sauce & Mixed Greens
Grilled Onions, BBQ Sauce, Swiss Cheese
Tzatziki, Onions, Tomato, & Lettuce
Tzatziki, Onions, Tomato
Eggs, Bacon, Onions, Tomatoes,
Cheddar Cheese

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